When a potential student lands on your website, the first impression is everything: you have 10 seconds to grab their attention. Otherwise, they click away and move on to their next option, which is your competitor's website. Once they have stayed, you also need to see who is interested in your activities and make it easy for them to take the next step.  

In this episode, we will cover the 3 mistakes to avoid and what to do instead so people stay on your website and ultimately choose you as their only option.  

Imagine your studio website as an online dating profile where people focus on making a lasting impression on potential matches - or future students in your Studio! Just like in online dating, you want to captivate visitors so they choose your Studio over the competition.  

You have a very short time to captivate people's attention ... 10 seconds, or they click away (people have a shorter attention span than a goldfish). You will also need to find out who is really interested in your classes. And if they are, you want to make it super easy to sign-up with you.  

So, what are the 3 essential elements you can't miss on your website?  

 1. Make it clear to understand  
•What you do
•Who you serve
 •How to find out more  

2. Add a form to capture leads 

 3. Provide an easy online sign-up  

While a nice design is important, your website's success depends on effectively answering these questions while providing a professional, user-friendly experience. And that will position your Studio as the top choice for potential students and parents.  

Remember that your website is only one element of your marketing. If you want the complete marketing list, listen to episode # 12, which shows you how Marketing is like Dating. Once you listen to episode # 12, it will become clear how marketing works and the exact steps to fill up your classes.  

I hope this episode was helpful, and now I want to get your focus on your website to make sure you have all 3 elements: simple and clear to understand, capture leads, and a smooth sign-up process. And if you still need to do so, please join our private Facebook group Creative Studio Owners to be with other like-minded Creative Studio Owners, exchange ideas, learn from each other, and spread your wisdom.  

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