Marketing is very much like dating!

Marketing will get people go from wanting an art class to needing YOUR  class from YOUR studio.  If you see Marketing as a fuzzy science and keep pushing it to the bottom of the list, this podcast is for you.

Marketing is very much like dating. The journey is similar, and we will cover the similarities, so by the end of this podcast, you will have crystal clarity on how Marketing works and the exact steps for how to fill up your classes.  

Many Studio owners make 6-7 figures following the same formula. You can too.

Most studio owners post their classes and expect people to sign up.

But that is like asking to start exclusively dating when you meet a cute person. Some people may say yes, but for the majority, a lot needs to happen before and after that first encounter.  

Once you listen to the steps, you will ALWAYS know what to do in your Marketing and 
ultimately fill up your classes with the right students.

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