Hi, I am Julia Szabo, a Crafty Gal from the Corporate World 

You know how to Teach
 I know how to bring clarity to your Marketing 

Whether you are just opened your Art Studio or have been teaching for years, my mission for you is simple: to bridge the gap between being a Teacher to becoming a confident Business Owner and building Success along the way. 

I bring a fresh, outside perspective to you as a Marketing Professional, Student, and Parent. The Marketing basics and the Customer decision-making process is the same across industries. I have 20+ years of knowledge from business schooling and a successful career.  I was the Marketing Director for Renault and helped them expand into the Eastern European Market.  I also worked for high tech startups in the USA where I was instrumental in getting investor funding.
Lately, I have been involved  with marketing and leasing office buildings in California to companies like Google and Facebook.   I also bring the Student perspective to your Art Teaching Business from taking numerous Mosaics and Jewelry classes, so I understand what brings Students through your door.  
I also enrolled my 2 kids in many classes, so I know what Parents are looking for when choosing an activity. Here are my projects.
Picture I am probably not too different from You.  I had a Teacher who shaped my life, and you most likely had one too. And right now, there is a little boy or girl who’s life you are shaping with your creativity and knowledge, that goes way beyond the art lessons. There is also an Adult who is thinking fondly of you every time he/she comes up with a creative idea that leads to success.  
 I can help you keep being the Teacher to many-many more Students and positively shape their lives. The best way to achieve that is with a thriving Business, where you can hire more Teachers and a team for the tasks you don't want to do, so you can focus on what you do best: make a positive impact.  You know how to Teach, but you did not go to School to learn how to run a successful Business. Nor do you have the time to go back to school. I am here to take that burden away and guide you through actionable, bite-size Marketing steps to build a thriving Business.
Because I don’t own a Teaching Business, I don’t have preconceived notions on how things should work,  so I can help you look in from outside, as a Student, Parent, and Marketing Processional and help you build a Successful Art Teaching Business. 

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