Imagine this: We are chatting on a zoom call, and I ask you, what is your follow up process when someone contacts you through a form on your website or after you have a one-time class or other activity? Do you have a process,  wing it as you go, or do you not follow up at all?

In this episode we will talk about why following up is not just formality, but a golden opportunity for signing up new students or re-enrolling the ones who just took your class or camp. Because the fortune is in the follow up. 

It comes down to 5 key moments when following up can truly make a difference. Let's explore them together:

1.After initial inquiries: When someone expresses interest in your art classes—whether through your website, a phone call, social media, or a text message — respond right away!

2.After an amazing individual or trial class, camp, or open studio: this time is even more important to follow up and be in front of them.

3.After providing class details when someone reaches out: if you've shared specific details about your classes or your studio, make sure to follow up and check they received the information

4.Prior to class registration deadlines: it's a great idea to send friendly reminders to potential students who have shown interest but haven't signed-up yet.

5.Follow-up after missed opportunities: if someone expressed interest but didn't end up signing-up for some reason, it's also important to follow up with them.

In a nutshell, following up and staying top of mind is super important! It's all about providing the information potential and existing students need, standing out from the crowd, showing off your professionalism and building meaningful connections. When you reach out to people, you greatly increase your chances of signing them up. So don't underestimate the power of following up—it's the key to growing your studio!

I hope this episode was helpful and now I would like to get your wheels turning and think about how you can follow up in these 5 key moments, so you stay top of mind and ahead of other studios.

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