Let's start by understanding the power of your words. When your words inspire and connect with potential students, they'll line up to join your classes. But if your copy is boring or uninspiring, it can kill sign-ups.

Your copy is a powerful tool. Whether it's flyers, websites, social media, emails, or any marketing material, your copy can make a huge difference in getting students to sign up for your classes.  Before even writing a word, the first step is to focus entirely on what is important to potential students (not the studio owner).  

In this episode, we give you a concrete example of why that step is so important.

Then explain the 6 elements for your copy that will make you the absolute choice for your ideal students.  

1. Emphasize the Experience and Benefits
2. Use Strategic Keywords
3. Add Visual Storytelling
4. Include Testimonials
5. Make the Layout Easy to Scan
6. Include a strong Call to Action (CTA)  

Listen for examples and details in this episode.  

Your Action Task:  Review your website, social media descriptions, and flyers. Assess whether your messaging is centered on your students' perspective and if you have implemented these 6 steps. If not, it's time to grab that red pen and make the necessary revisions for maximum impact. Because a boring copy will make your potential students click away faster than you can say, "class dismissed." So, let your creativity shine, use words that speak to their hearts, and show them why your classes are the absolute best choice.  

I hope this episode was helpful on how to focus on your students with steps to create a class description that stands out from the crowd. Get creative, speak from the heart, and show potential students why your classes are the absolute best choice. Good luck!  

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