Have you ever worked all day, were exhausted, but felt nothing important was done? Other than the day being gone. The day that will never come back. No matter if people are rich or poor, famous or not, money can buy time back.

So, time is the most valuable asset we all have. In this episode, we will reveal the mistakes business Studio Owners make with their time and how to fix them.  

When working for someone, people do what they are supposed to do to keep things afloat, and a team of executives decides how to grow the company. But when it is your business, everything you do directly affects your studio's direction (growth, stagnation, or closing).  

Studio Owners must wear many hats, and the mundane tasks can eat up the day, every day. 

You've probably heard the saying, "working in your business," versus "working on your business." Let's break it down. When you work in your business, you handle the day-to-day operations that keep things running smoothly, but these tasks may contribute little to its growth. Those are low-value tasks. On the other hand, working on your business means prioritizing high-value tasks that have the power to grow it. 

In this episode we will cover the difference between the two.  

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