Imagine this: we are sitting at a coffee shop together, and I ask you to tell me about your Studio business: to write down on a small napkin what you do and how you do it.

In this episode we will talk about simplified overview of 3 different business models and why it is so important to be able to clearly and simply explain it on a small napkin.  

It comes down to 3 simple questions:

1. If I asked you how you are attracting your students, would you be able to tell me?
2. If I asked you what you are using to convert those interested into paying students, would you be able to tell me?
3. And if I asked you, how do you continue to serve and keep those students, how would you respond?

Explain in a simplified way, in a high high-level overview, that fits on a small napkin. And this is the way that I would encourage you to really simplify and think about your business. I will explain why is so important, but first let me give you a couple of examples of Creative Studios and also our business model for EverCreating. 

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