Picture this: You've just finished an amazing class where both you and the students had a fantastic time. You're feeling great and ready to relax. However, there's another class coming up and it's only half full. But what if you could have the same students return for the next class?   That would be awesome, right? Well, you can achieve that by offering monthly classes or seasonal programs lasting 6-8 weeks. This approach could truly transform your Studio!  

In this episode, we will explore the benefits for both you and your students when you offer ongoing programs. I will also share strategies on how to effectively communicate the value of ongoing classes to your students and motivate them to sign. We will give you several real-life examples you can implement for your own situation.   

Here is the simplified list, the podcast has examples and detailed explanation:    

1. Save you a lot of marketing effor
t. Because instead of constantly promoting individual classes, you can focus on advertising the whole program as a package. That way, you need to reach your students once you are done.    

2. Bring recurring revenue for your studio you can rely on.
Instead of relying on one-time class fees, you get students to either pay for the entire season once or have ongoing monthly payments and have a steady stream of income.    

3. You can showcase your students' progress
and show the ongoing benefits your classes offer. That is really motivating and keeps them engaged and excited about staying with you for years.    

4. With their ongoing progress, you will have a bunch of success stories. To use in your sales. Showcasing real-life examples of artistic development and transformation will attract new students but also proves to them that your program is worth it.  

 Listen to this episode to get your wheels turning and think about how you would add ongoing classes to your program.   If you are not sure where to start the conversation with your existing students and invite them into your ongoing classes, listen to episode #15 How to make Students come back for more.    

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