This episode is with Julie Soul, owner of Soul Sparklettes Art

In this episode, I am joined by Julie Soul, owner of Soul Sparklettes Art, who has done some remarkable things in the last months and launched a very successful membership. Julie reveals her story, the things she has done that are working, and also mistakes she made along the way. She also reveals how that changed her mindset from being a simple art teacher, who was afraid to charge money for her classes,  to running a successful business.
She gave so much good advice that we decided to break the interview into a 2-part series. This is Part 1. You can find Julie here:

I invite you to listen to the interview, take it apart, and re-listen. Learn how Julie created a $25,000 membership launch, and she is aiming for more. With the right approach and business mindset, you can do too! And this is what this new Podcast is all about😊

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