This episode is with Doris Benter, founder of Library Arts

What to teach for different age groups, like teens? How to find unusual places to expand your business? Let’s find out. In this episode, I am joined by Doris Benter, founder of Library Arts. I heard about Doris through another interview, and her energy and the way she is finding new business for her teaching were captivating. So, I decided to bring her to you to get inspired and learn from her.

She talks about how to:
-offer pre-recorded classes to Librarians
-partner with other Teachers
-outside the box ways to find projects ideas for different age groups
You can find Doris here:

I invite you to listen to the interview, take it apart, and re-listen.  With the right mindset and knowledge, you can create a thriving Art Teaching Business! And this is what this Podcast is all about😊

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