Here is an evergreen question: what is the easiest way to fill up your classes with the least amount of effort?  And the best answer is: with the students that you already have. Because it is 7 times easier to keep a student than to acquire a new one.  

In this episode we will talk about the 3 easy things you can do to always make students come back for more. 

So, if you have always asked yourself, how to fill up your classes with the least amount of work, the easiest answer is to get the students who already participated in one of your activities to come back for more. For instance, if you have summer camps coming up, you can start there, and I will tell you how in a moment.  

But first. Imagine binge-watching your favorite Netflix series for hours in a row. What's the magic that keeps you hooked? It is that feeling of always wanting more after each episode, right? Well, here's a secret: You can use the same idea to your advantage.

When students take part in one of your activities, do these 3 things:  

1.Build anticipation for what is next
2.Treat your students like VIPs
3.Ensure seamless sign-ups  

By following these steps, you'll keep your students enthusiastic and eager for more adventures in your Studio. Remember, the key is to foster a warm and vibrant learning community where everyone feels welcome and inspired.  After this episode, I would like to get your wheels turning and think about how to implement these 3 steps and get your classes full in no time.  

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