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  • Consistently having full classes, regardless of the economy
  • Regularly making a nice profit while working less
  • Truly enjoying your business, doing what you love and delegating the rest
A clear marketing system will get you there! 
Marketing that every successful studio owner is using. 
They make 6-7 figures online or have local studios and waitlist for every class.  

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As a studio owner, your #1 goal is to enroll new students all year round. It’s how you keep the lights on. This course will give you clarity on how to attract more new students daily.


Studio success isn’t just about attracting  new students. We will give you the exact steps on how  to convert the vast majority of those who are interested into paying Students.  


Retaining students is the best indicator of studio success in the long run. We will show you the best engagement strategies to hold on to your students for years.


Studio Success Marketing

The online Course with 6 Lessons, released once a week. They include videos, email and copy templates, skill-building exercises, and the opportunity to apply the content immediately.

 6 video Lessons, released every week

Workbooks,  checklists and   templates

Private Facebook Group for support

 Weekly Q&A sessions

Here is what you'll learn

Lesson 1: It's more then Art Classes

Defining who are your Ideal Customers and why is your Studio unique will make you stand out, so Students choose YOUR classes. It is the first step in your marketing.  Skipping it could divert your students and send them straight to another studio. We will define your uniqueness together, and how to communicate what sets you apart, so your Ideal Students will say YES to you (and not someone else.) We will also give you real-time examples from successful Studios.

Lesson 2: Get in front of the most students

There is an art and a science to Marketing for all businesses big or small. We'll help you craft an easy Student Attraction Plan - with laser focused direction and zero guesswork involved. No more trying to "see what sticks." Instead, you'll have a step-by-step process that gets you in front the most students and gives you the best chance to enroll the majority  into your classes.

Lesson 3: How to be present  everywhere

Your website is often the first place where future customers meet you. An e-mail list is the only asset that is truly yours to control. So, we will teach you what to add to the most crucial area of your website and give you the exact steps to collect e-mail addresses and the e-mail sequence to attract new Students. We will also create a  30-day social media Content Calendar that you can easily replicate all year to ensure you are top of mind.  
When you teach in-person, a local presence is also very important. We will give you outside-the-box ideas on how to stand out in your community and be the go-to Studio.

Lesson 4: Define your Teaser Offer

Very few people are ready to enroll when they see you for the first time. We will map out how to build a relationship and show your potential students and parents why your studio is the only place they need to be.
Growing an e-mail list of warm leads and being in front of them is the easiest way to increase your enrollment by double digits.

Lesson 5: Convert Interests into  paying Students 

How many people who express interest in your Studio actually sign up? If that number, your enrollment rate, is less than 70%, we've got some work to do. You will learn the complete Enrollment Process that leaves no room for gaps, guesswork, or inconsistencies. You (and your team) will all be on the same page on what to do when someone is interested in your Studio. You'll also be fully prepared to repeatedly close anyone who is interested in your classes. 

Lesson 6: Keep Students for years

It's one thing to get a new Student, and it's another to keep them month after month and year after year. After all, who wants to have a studio where you're always scrambling to replace outgoing Students with new Students in an endless cycle while you barely stay afloat? As your Studio grows, you need to ensure the customers don't feel like they are just a number. We will tackle this, and I'll give outside-the-box ideas to keep your students for years.

Why listen to me, a Crafty Gal from the Corporate World?

Hi, I am Julia,

My mission for you is simple: to bridge the gap in your Art Teaching Business between being a Teacher to becoming a confident Business Owner and building Success along the way.

I worked with many Art Studios, studied about 100, and picked out what makes them successful. Then, I filtered it through my 20 years of marketing experience and added my student perspective from taking many art classes. 

I combined all the research into tips and techniques that allow you to:
CONSISTENTLY attract new Students, enroll those students in your classes, and turn them into raving fans that stay for years. 

Julia was with us every step of the way with step-by-step instructions on how to write Facebook ads, a social media calendar and templates for emails to send to our list.  

She is a joy to work with. She was our cheerleader, answering questions when we needed her, and pushing us to improve our marketing at every step along the way. We are so happy we found Julia when we did; her marketing expertise has been crucial for us in growing our business.

Lisa Walker
Pop Up Art School

But above all … 

This Course will give you the CONFIDENCE to finally generate a steady income every.single.month. and make the leap from trading your time for money to giving yourself the freedom to spend more time with family or making art.

I see many Studio Owners like you ACHIEVE SUCCESS with the right Marketing  WAY BEYOND THEIR IMAGINATION not only financially but also by touching so many more lives than ever before. will change your life.

Money-back Guarantee!

We believe this Course will tremendously help you. But if for any reason you are not satisfied, we will refund your money within 7 days after the Course starts.

What is included:

Investment: $397 for the entire 6 weeks.