Creative Studio Owners!
Do you want  more Students?

Learn how to quickly and easily
fill up your classes and reduce your stress!

Receive the 7 Outside the Box Marketing Ideas list

You know how to teach but filling up your classes is a struggle!

Let's solve it with the right Marketingso people:

1.Choose YOUR Studio because:  
    You will know how to find those interested in your classes…  
    …and build a relationship with them to become their #1 choice

2. Want the classes you offer because:
   You’ll know what classes they like…  
   …and present those classes to be the perfect fit for them

3. Come back for more because:
    You’ll be able to show their progress clearly…
    …and continuously surprise & delight them during the journey with you

This course is for you if:

->You are just starting  or have had a Studio for years
->Teach online or in-person
->Have your own space or teach at venues

Let’s meet for 8 weeks and get:  

•1 weekly recorded lesson with detailed Marketing steps, templates and toolbox
•1 weekly Q&A where we answer all your questions 
• A private community of Studio Owners who go through the same wins and struggles •Motivation and a positive mindset to keep going 
Real-life examples from Successful Studio Owners 
•Facebook/IG Ad and Technical specialist (optional)  
•Guaranteed result if you do the work

Hi, I am Julia, 

My mission for you is simple: to bridge the gap in your Art Teaching Business between being a Teacher to becoming a confident Business Owner and building success along the way. 

I bring a fresh, outside perspective to you as a Marketing Professional, Student, and Parent.   

I have been helping hundreds of Studios Owners and know what makes them successful.

With my 20 years of marketing experience and Student perspective from taking many art classes, I will teach you how to fill up your classes, make the money you deserve, and regain free time to focus on your art or spend with loved ones.    

We never could have progressed
as quickly as we did without Julia's help

 Julia was with us every step of the way with step-by-step instructions on how to write Facebook ads, a social media calendar and templates for emails to send to our list.  

She is a joy to work with. She was our cheerleader, answering questions when we needed her, and pushing us to improve our marketing at every step along the way. We are so happy we found Julia when we did; her marketing expertise has been crucial for us in growing our business.

Lisa Walker
Pop Up Art School


Every time we had a business question Lisa and I said, let’s ask Julia.
With her help we became much more efficient in our marketing, we defined who our market is, what benefit we offer and how to reach them. Those seem like easy answers, but they are not, and Julia walked us through the process step by step. With the knowledge she gave us it was much easier to create our new website, post on social media and answer the question “what is your business” when asked. Now we are ready to grow more than ever.

Janell Scannell
Pop Up Art School