How to Sell out your Summer Camps

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Tell me if this sounds familiar…

1. Your Summer Camps are right here but you need students

2. If no more sign up, you will barely make any money

3. You have so little time to figure out what to do 

You are not alone...

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Hi, I am Julia,

a Crafty Gal from the Corporate World.

My mission for you is simple: to bridge the gap in your Art Teaching Business between being a Teacher to becoming a confident Business Owner and building Success along the way.

I bring a fresh, outside perspective to you as a Marketing Professional, Student and Parent. 

I worked with dozens of Art Studios, studied over 100, and picked out what makes them successful. Then, I filtered it through my 20 years of marketing experience and added my student perspective from taking many art classes.  
I combined all the research into tips and techniques that allow you to  CONSISTENTLY attract new Students, enroll those students in your Studio, and turn them into raving fans.